Vulnerability details Vulnerability details(official)

allowing otherwise unprivileged Linux users to traverse directory contents and execute programs.


When containers included executable programs with extended permission bits (such as setuid), unprivileged Linux users could discover and execute those programs. When the UID of an unprivileged Linux user on the host collided with the file owner or group inside a container, the unprivileged Linux user on the host could discover, read, and modify those files.

CVSS scores

This vulnerability is rated as high-risk with a CVSS score of 7.2.


Ensure that the login users of the cluster nodes are all trusted users, and restrict the access rights of untrusted users to the cluster nodes. Remove unnecessary extended permissions in the container bundles directory.

Fixed by Official

  • v1.4.11
  • v1.5.7

Fixed by KLTS

Last modified March 8, 2022 : Rename v1.x.x to v1.x for containerd (4ab20e9e)